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Bonanza 35

Distinguishing Features

  • No window behind rear seats
  • Small-chord stabilators
  • Fabric-covered flaps and ruddervators (D-1 thru D-40)
  • Rear bench seats
  • Single, throw-over control yoke
  • Push-pull engine controls
  • Electric propelller pitch change mechanism
  • Gear handle on right, flap on left
  • Free-castoring, non-streerable nose wheel

Common options and modifications


  • E-225 engine (225 hp)
  • Aft cabin fuel tank
  • Tip tanks
  • Third window
  • Improved cabin ventilation system
  • Instrument panel upgrade
  • Dual control yoke
  • Jouran/Flannagan carry-thru spar
  • Avionics upgrades
Maintenance Documents E-Series Technical Docs