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Bonanza E33A

Distinguishing Features

  • Conventional (“straight”) tail
  • “Speed sweep” windscreen (no center post)
  • Large third window
  • Vertical stabilizer dorsal fin
  • Optional long range fuel tanks (80 gal. total)
  • Single, throw-over control yoke
  • Vernier engine and mixture controls
  • Electric auxiliary fuel pump
  • Gear handle on right, flap on left
  • Cowl flaps
  • Landing light on nose cowling

Common options and modifications

  • Engine upgrades
  • Tip tanks
  • Improved cabin ventilation system
  • Instrument panel and/or avionics upgrades
  • Interior upgrades
  • Dual control yoke


The following E33As carried CE-series serial numbers but were E33C Aerobatic Bonanzas, and are correctly identified using CJ-series serial numbers listed in parentheses. See the Bonanza E33C page for more information.

CE-236 (CJ-1)

CE-243 (CJ-8)

CE-252 (CJ-15)

CE-261 (CJ-22)

CE-237 (CJ-2)

CE-244 (CJ-9)

CE-253 (CJ-16)

CE-262 (CJ-23)

CE-236 (CJ-3)

CE-245 (CJ-10)

CE-254 (CJ-17)

CE-263 (CJ-24)

CE-239 (CJ-4)

CE-246 (CJ-11)

CE-255 (CJ-18)

CE-269 (CJ-25)

CE-240 (CJ-5)

CE-247 (CJ-12)

CE-257 (CJ-19)


CE-241 (CJ-6)

CE-248 (CJ-13)

CE-258 (CJ-20)


CE-242 (CJ-7)

CE-251 (CJ-14)

CE-259 (CJ-21)


The following serial number E33As were removed from civilian production and converted to U.S. Air Force Pave Eagle I aircraft: 

CE-218   CE-219   CE-221   CE-222   CE-223   CE-224

Maintenance Documents