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Bonanza V35A-TC

Distinguishing Features

  • Trapezoidal long rear window
  • Long-chord stabilators
  • Stinger tail cone
  • Cowl flaps on sides of cowling
  • One-piece windshield (no center strip)
  • Ventilation inlet scoop between stabilators
  • Single, throw-over control yoke
  • Vernier engine  and mixture controls
  • Gear handle on right, flap on left
  • Extended aft baggage area

Common options and modifications

  • Long-range fuel (two 40-gallon tanks)
  • Forward facing "family" 5th and 6th seats in aft baggage area
  • Tip tanks
  • Large aft baggage door
  • Six-outlet oxygen system
  • Dual control yoke
  • Avionics upgrades

V35A-TC Serial Numbers

D-8606 D-8705 D-8829 D-8901 D-8992
D-8615 D-8715 D-8835 D-8911 D-8001
D-8625 D-8730 D-8842 D-8921 D-8008
D-8628 D-8744 D-8849 D-8930 D-8019
D-8638 D-8763 D-8855 D-8940 D-8027
D-8652 D-8777 D-8861 D-8951 D-8039
D-8662 D-8790 D-8868 D-8961 D-8048
D-8673 D-8810 D-8875 D-8973 D-8055
D-8681 D-8823 D-8887 D-8982 D-8063
Maintenance Documents