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Hangar too narrow or small?

British Columbia Canada | 5/22/2021

Put your plane into its hangar sideways, or maneuver on a dime. Engineered up to 4,500lbs and large enough for almost any single and some twins. I built this because my Cirrus wing was 39’ and the door was 35’…what to do? SIDEWAYS! The dolly can be maneuvered by tug, as I have done or pushed/pulled by hand, even over gravel or uphill. The winch could be modified easily for a power winch or by hand crank is quite easy. Tires are aviation grade and can be locked in any direction or allowed to swivel 360°. All aluminum craftsman construction, total weight ≈600lbs. Shipping can be arranged, photos and engineer drawings available. 403-620-7736 or