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My first Bo was N3809N, a 1947 serial#1037, which I flew for Beaudoin Air Services out of a grass strip in Westfield, NY, near Cooperstown.
I was curious to see if was still in service and stumbled on this remarkable website which has a 268 page history of every Bonanza from 1947 to 1950ish at last update. In 2015.
Thought some members may enjoy knowing the website is out there. I could not find this history of my current Bonanza but would like to do so if anyone knows key to find it. I purchased N82HC 1974 serial No.SRD9584 from a good friend who had owned it since 1983 as N33KC and in 1984, when the factory Installed a new TSIO-520D under AiResearch Aviation STC No.
SA1935WE and reregistered it N82HC.
I would like to know the history from 1974 to 1983.
Would appreciate any tips offered.
Dave Hurley

Model: Bonanza V35B-TC
Aircraft Serial Number: D9584
Posted 3/13/2020 - 3 years ago