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T-34 Rudder on D95(A) Travelair

Our recent addition of a Travelair has formed corrosion on the rudder skins and I would prefer to replace it. I spoke with Bob at Blackwell aviation and he advised that the T-34 has the same rudder of which there is an aluminum skin STC for. But from what I am seeing, the T-34's rudder is a different part number or at least the T-34A, I cannot seem to find a T-34b manual... in either case, has anyone gone through the process of installing a t-34 rudder on a D95 or have any info for doing so, because as it looks now I'll have to get drawing for both parts and hire a DER.
Current rudder P/N: 95-630005-601.

Model: Travel Air D95A
Aircraft Serial Number: TD-632
Posted 11/22/2022 - 1 year ago

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The T-34B rudder is the same physical part, fit, and finish as the Travel Air rudder but it does carry a different part number, 45-630005-178.
Yes, I have seen T-34 rudders on Travel Airs and Travel Air rudders on T-34's. The only discernable difference is the data plate. I have never seen "documentation" allowing the replacement, but the swap happens fairly frequently.
If you hope to get an Aluminum rudder on the Travel Air based on the T34 STC held by Diamond Aircraft, you would need a copy of their STC and a DER to approve the Field Approval.

Curtis Boulware
ABS Tech Rep

Posted 11/23/2022 - 1 year ago

T-34 Rudder on D95(A) Travelair