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Bonanza baggage door, passenger window mods

I have a 1966 Beech Debonair with a small baggage door, hat shelf and non-opening passenger windows. I would like to have the large baggage door conversion and was wondering the cost and where it could be done?
I was also wondering what the cost of converting the passenger windows to opening windows would be as well.

Model: Debonair 35-C33A
Posted 2/6/2022 - 2 years ago

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The large baggage door can be installed. The best source is from a salvage yard so you can get the entire frame and the door. Cost could be upwards of $10,000.00
I have never seen a mod to allow emergency exit windows to be installed.

Bob Ripley
ABS Technical Advisor

Posted 2/7/2022 - 2 years ago

Bonanza baggage door, passenger window mods