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Running out of nose down pitch trim

Purchased this airplane last year. Had a garmin GFC 500 AP installed. On my way to the avionics shop, when decending, the plane ran out of nose down pitch trim. I mentioned this to the avionics shop and after investigation, they determined that the rigging was out of specs. Airplane was re-rigged prior to AP install.
After the AP was installed, the plane flew nose right. They rerigged and got that taken care of, but now at cruise the pitch trim runs all the way nose down and then the AP kicks off. If the trim wheel is moved slightly nose up, the AP will re-engage and then will retrim the plane and it kicks off again. When the AP kicks off there is a pronounced yaw movement. Primary trim and AFCS warning lights come on. CG is 78.82 at 2300lbs empty. Running the pitch trim full up or down on the ground results in a loud thump noise at the end of travel in both directions.
Any thought before I reurn the plane to the avionics shop for recheck?

Model: Bonanza V35A-TC
Posted 6/8/2023 - 8 months ago

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Good speaking with you today. As I mentioned, you should start with a full aircraft rig check and take things back to neutral settings. A quality shop for that in your area would be Biggs Aircraft in OK.

ABS Tech Advisor

Posted 6/15/2023 - 8 months ago

Running out of nose down pitch trim