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Prop Anti- Ice Amp gauge

Does anyone know where I might find one of these.
Thank you,

176F4066-3ABB-44E3-8F26-069841BF951F.png - 11.5 MB

Model: Baron E55
Aircraft Serial Number: TE-903
Posted 3/5/2023 - 1 year ago

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There are 4 prop ammeters listed in the IPC for your serial number. 2 blade vs. 4 blade, and wedge light vs. post light. I don't see a post light in your installation, so that narrows it down to either a 96-384062-7 for 2 blade (only finding core listed) or a 96-384062-5 for 3 blade, with Select Airparts listing 4 units in as-removed condition (540-773-3077).

You didn't state what was wrong with your unit / if you have done any troubleshooting. Attached wiring diagram for your reference, again based on the 2 bladed prop.


Baron 55_58 Wiring Diagram Manual P_N 96-590010-39.pdf - 116.4 KB

Posted 3/5/2023 - 1 year ago

Prop Anti- Ice Amp gauge