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Quick release seat stops

Hello everyone;

I am curious if there is any documentation from Beechcraft/Textron indicating that an older model Bonanza (E33A) with individual rear seats and bolted seat stops can retrofit the seat stops to the later "fast pin" style like one would find on an F33 and later (see attached photo). Removal of the rear seats would be made significantly easier if I can use these certificated parts designed for a Bonanza of just a few years newer than mine.

I realize that I will need an additional weight and balance for the different configurations.

Am I allowed to purchase and use these style seat stops to get away from the bolted ones as they exist in my plane now?

For interested parties, the part numbers for these quick-release seat stops are:
58-530231-1 (stop)
LA3S-R1030 (pin)

58-530231-1.jpeg - 277.2 KB

Model: Bonanza E33A
Aircraft Serial Number: CE-277
Posted 5/10/2023 - 9 months ago

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It is not uncommon to find the newer stops on the older aircraft on the aft end of the track; the forward ends of the tracks should remain per the illustrated parts catalog for your serial number.

ABS Tech Advisor

Posted 5/11/2023 - 9 months ago

Quick release seat stops