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Model E33 (Debonair / Bonanza) Elevator Rig Pin and rigging puzzle?

Please forgive the long-winded question:

We're in the process of rigging our 1969 E33 Bonanza/Debonair. None of the control surfaces were within spec, or even symmetrical. The elevators were especially bad. Our mechanic is trying to wade through various sources to figure out if the C shaped Elevator Rigging Pin (2") is required for setting the elevators to neutral, or if there's something different about rigging a Debonair vs everything else. There's no mention of it (not even an illustration) in the 33 shop manual. I can't even find it in the IPC.

At present, the elevators are neutral simply with the gust lock pin installed. If we try to use a 2" block of wood to emulate the C rigging pin, we find that there's not enough adjustment left in the elevator push-pull tubes to bring the elevator back into neutral (can't make it any shorter, running into the rod ends).

So unless there's another adjustment to bring more travel back to the bellcrank and push-pull tubes, it seems like the gust lock pin hole is where to find neutral (?). There was SI 0660-0155 from way back, but I see no indication in the logs that it was performed on this aircraft. I have to admit that I didn't look at the control column for physical evidence tho. Cable tensions have been set per the 33 shop manual.

Or, do we need the rigging pin after all, and need to reset the cable turnbuckles (one shorter, one longer by equal lengths perhaps?) to move the elevator bellcrank so that the elevator moves closer to neutral (nearly 2" worth) and within the adjustment limits of the push-pull tubes? Would this make setting tension impossible? It's very confusing. We're also seeing that the down travel limit is in excess of 20deg, book indicates 15 +/- 1deg.

It seems crazy that it is so out of rig, and so we're questioning everything.

Thanks for the advice.

Model: Bonanza E33
Aircraft Serial Number: CD-1212
Posted 11/15/2020 - 3 months ago

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Hi Tina,

The Shop manual for the E33 does not specify the "column neutral", so using the gust lock pin hole is appropriate as long as all other parameters are achievable.

1) 14 to 16 degrees down travel adjusted by the bell crank stop bolt and maintaining at least 1/8" between the bell crank and the FS257.6 Bulkhead.
2) 1/16" to 1/8" column "cushion" to the front panel when the elevator is full down.
3) 24 to 26 degrees up travel adjusted by the bell crank stop bolt
4) Elevator neutral (Zero degrees) as determined by elevator horns being faired with the horizontal stabilizer caps.

You may have to adjust upper and lower elevator control cables to position the elevator bell crank properly so you can meet all these criteria.

I hope this is helpful.
Curtis Boulware
ABS Tech Rep

Posted 11/15/2020 - 3 months ago
Approved by Bob Ripley

Very helpful, thank you very much!

I have a follow up question with regards to #2: This 1/16” - 1/8” cushion represents the distance from the control arm split collar and the column hangar ring on the face of the instrument panel, correct?

Also, is there a critical distance for the down stop somewhere inside the panel, too?

Thanks again!

Ps, I believe the abs rigging guide could be revised to better describe the various relationships of the elevator control mechanisms and how they are rigged. Some use a rigging pin, some do not, bell crank alignment (similar to the aileron section of the guide), etc...

Posted 11/16/2020 - 3 months ago

Model E33 (Debonair / Bonanza) Elevator Rig Pin and rigging puzzle?