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215 Pitch Change Bearing Lube

This is going to be a multi part question. Sorry about that.
1. Does anyone have a picture of the "real" tool used to remove and torque the propeller retaining nut? I have ideas in my head, but just wondering what the real tool looks like.

2. What does everyone use to torque the propeller retaining nut?

3. Is the pitch change bearing the only bearing lubricated at 250 hours?
- - -The LUBRICATION Section says "Actuator bearing every 250 hours"
- - - SECTION 2, 250-HOUR INSPECTION says to "Remove blades, clean and relubricate bearings" and "Remove actuator bearing. Clean and relubricate" implying there is more than the pitch change bearing that has to be cleaned and lubed.
- - - Then at the 500-HOUR INSPECTION section, it says to "Clean and repack blade thrust bearing" and "Clean and relubricate actuator bearing"
- - - No issue with the 500-hour items, its just the 250-hour implying more than the pitch change bearing, when there are only two bearings I found in the parts list, Item 5 ball bearing and Item 28 bearing assy

4. Are there new pitch change bearing seals available?
- - - Lubricating the propeller actuator section says to "Install new seals" on the bearing, but I don't see a part number for the seals in the parts list.

Thanks for any insight and help. I did a search in the forums but didn't find anything that answered my questions.

Everyone enjoy a safe Thanksgiving holiday.

Model: Bonanza 35
Aircraft Serial Number: D-1493
Posted 11/24/2021 - 5 months ago

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It's good to hear from another 215 prop user!

I am a relatively new Bonanza owner (18 months with a G35) and my knowledge comes only from my 4 day session in the prop shop during the overhaul of my 215 prop 3 weeks ago. I learned a lot (and have submitted an article to ABS with details and critical items). I took over 170 photos of the process and I am happy to share those with you. My email is Here is what I found out:
- the tool to remove the big nut is long .... and scary big (photo). Its use is effective, and more of an art than a science.
- the 250 hr lubrication involves the one pitch change bearing (photo - new grease going in), the two bearings at the base of the blades (photo - during disassembly), and all of the moving linkages. While my bearings looked ok, the linkages/other moving parts were what appeared to have the most wear. Do not ignore these parts during your 250 hr service.
- the pitch change bearing seals are thin black rubber rings that tuck into the edges of the bearing races (photo). They are held in place by a steel snap ring (photo). Paul (the A&P) didn't seem to have any concern on their availability, but I will wait for others to chime in on that fact. Side note - - Paul stated that these seals should be checked whenever they are visible (during an annual) as they will occasionally dislodge.

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving,
trumpet nelson
San Antonio, Texas

Posted 11/25/2021 - 5 months ago

Participating in the service of your airplane is a very solid way of learning the airplane. You are far ahead of someone that turns the airplane over to someone that hopefully knows what they are doing. It is difficult to find mechanics that actually know what should be done on the E powered V tails!!

Regards, Lew Gage

Posted 11/26/2021 - 5 months ago

215 Pitch Change Bearing Lube