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Nose gear replacement after partial collapse

We suffered a partial nose gear collapse where the bottom part of the strut separated from the top part. We believe that the scissor probably failed. The bottom part of the strut did take a hit from the propeller when it failed but looks to be largely intact other than a scuff on the chrome part. The top part of the strut skidded on the pavement, and the shimmy damper was pretty much ground away. I don't see any other obvious damage to the frame members or landing gear retract mechanism, but I am not an A&P, just a fairly mechanically handy person. We'll have a local A&P work on it but it's going to take some time before they can even get an estimate together so I'm trying to do some advance leg work.

I've attached some pics of the damage.

I'm looking to source a new nose gear. I believe I need part number 35-825196-691 (nose gear assembly). I've seen a couple online just by searching Google. I'm sure if there's a better way to source such parts. It seems like some of them are missing the knee assembly/scissor (35-820107 & 35-825193) and shimmy damper (35-825145). Is there anything else I should be planning to replace? One A&P (who hasn't looked at it yet) said he'd want to replace the trunion with a newer model, but he wasn't sure if it would fit. Does that seem necessary? What part numbers should I be looking for if so?

I've read somewhere that newer gear will work on older aircraft. Are there other gear assembly part numbers I should be looking for as well? Is there anything else I will likely need to source?

PXL_20231111_004927168.jpg - 3.3 MB

PXL_20231110_003031182.jpg - 3.2 MB

Model: Debonair 35-B33
Aircraft Serial Number: CD-614
Posted 11/13/2023 - 3 months ago

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Contact Delta Strut in Michigan and they can provide more info on what you need and may also have a rebuilt unit available.

Bob Ripley
ABS Technical Advisor

Posted 11/14/2023 - 3 months ago

Nose gear replacement after partial collapse