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Factory CHT probe replacement?

I am trying to replace the CHT probe on my primary triple instrument and the part number i was given by my A&P was 1514340. when i ordered this part, the suppliers gave me an updated part to replace it, 3080-00038 kit. the new probe has a room temp resistance of 5k ohms, the gague when tested with an adjustable resistance box reads correctly when 0-145 ohms is applied.

This is either the wrong probe or gauge. Can you direct me to the correct probe or gauge? see document for more information.


Alan Warfield


CHT probe.pdf - 3.1 MB

Model: Bonanza M35
Aircraft Serial Number: D-6519
Posted 9/25/2023 - 5 months ago

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Here is some info from our magazine on the modification that should help.

Bob Ripley
ABS Technical Advisor

CCF09182014_00000.jpg - 1.2 MB

CCF09182014_00001.jpg - 718.5 KB

Posted 9/26/2023 - 5 months ago

Factory CHT probe replacement?