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Beechcraft Instructor Crosstalk - Hilton Garden Inn

The ABS-BIC is a weekend gathering of experienced CFIs who provide or plan to provide type-specific transition training in Beechcraft Bonanzas, Debonairs, Barons and Travel Airs, in or out of ABS’ Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program (BPPP). Our meeting objectives are to:

  1. Share best practices for type-specific flight instruction;
  2. Enhance the quality and scope of Beechcraft transition and recurrent training;
  3. Update instructors on regulations and procedures affecting flight instruction; and
  4. Develop a sense of community among all Beechcraft instructors as we pursue a common goal of creating more knowledgeable and proficient Beech pilots.

Attending the Beechcraft Instructor Crosstalk does not take the place of completing the ABS Flight Instructor Academy for new BPPP instructor accreditation. It does, however, take the place of re-taking the online Academy course to renew BPPP accreditation (when combined with flight instructor experience in the past two years or completing a BPPP standardization flight).

Registration is requried for this free event. Click on navy blue link above to register!

ABS-BIC Event Location and Hotel

Hilton Garden Inn /Atlanta Airport Millenium Center
2301 Sullivan Road
College Park, Georgia, 30337
Phone: 404-766-0303

Reservations must be made by April 1, 2019 by:

-By Calling 404-766-0303 and metion the grpoup code “ABONSO
-By going online to and entering reservation using ABONSO as the group


0745 – 0815
Arrival and Check in

0815 – 0900
Welcome, Overview and Introductions
Thomas P. Turner, ABS Air Safety Foundation     

0900 - 1015
Teaching Takeoff Briefings
Thomas P. Turner, Executive Director, ABS Air Safety Foundation 

1030 - 1145
Tips and Tricks for Presenting the BPPP Syllabus (part 1)
Greg Keshishian, Senior BPPP Instructor 

1145 – 1300

1300 – 1415
Preflight Inspections for Beechcraft Instructors
Bob Ripley, ABS Senior Technical Advisor 

1430 - 1515
Instructor Insights
ABS-BIC Participants

1530 - 1645
Tips and Tricks for Presenting the BPPP Syllabus (part 2)
Greg Keshishian, Senior BPPP Instructor 

1800 – 2000
Social Hour and Dinner


0800 - 0930
Teaching Hot Starts, Maximum Performance Takeoffs and Landings, and Other Type-Specific Operations
Thomas P. Turner, Executive Director, ABS Air Safety Foundation

0945 - 1100
Instructor Insights
ABS-BIC Participants 

1115 – 1145
How to Become a BPPP Instructor; Instructor Use of the ABS Website
Thomas P. Turner, Executive Director, ABS Air Safety Foundation

1145 – 1300

1300 – 1430
Teaching Engine Management
Thomas P. Turner, Executive Director, ABS Air Safety Foundation

1430 – 1445
Closing Remarks and Presentation of Certificates

Version 4  1/29/2019 Subject to change; watch for updates



What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?
Participants are responsible for all of their own transportation for this event. No transportation will be provided by ABS/ASF.

What is required to be able to attend?
1. Each attendee must be a current member of the American Bonanza Society.
2. Each participant must be a CFI. 

What meals are provided by ABS/ASF?
ABS/ASF will provide participants with refreshments Saturday/Sunday, as well as lunch and dinner on Saturday.

What is the attire?
Business casual or jeans are fine. Anything that you would wear to give flight instruction in is fine.