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ABSWeb Webinar

ABSWeb #5: V-Speeds in the Real World
LIVE webinar Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 1900 U.S. Central Time (0000Z April 11). 

PRESENTER: ABS Air Safety Foundation Executive Director Thomas P. Turner

You probably memorized a few target airspeeds for takeoffs and landings when you first transitioned into your Beechcraft. But how are V-speeds used in the real world? And did you learn them all? This edition of ABSWeb takes you once around the airspeed indicator to learn all the V-speeds that apply to you, when and how you use them, and the effect of changes in airplane weight on the proper airspeed for maximum performance. 

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • “By the Numbers” flying—techniques for performance at the proper speeds
  • Why and how each V-speed is used
  • The effect of weight changes on V-speeds
  • Which speeds do not change with changes in weight
  • Airspeeds and techniques for flight in turbulent air
  • When and how much to slow down for turbulence

Viewers will be able to type in their questions to be answered during the event. We’ll explain how to do so at the beginning of the webinar.