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ABSWeb Webinar

ABSWeb #7: How to safely practice emergency procedures

LIVE webinar Wednesday, August 7 2019 at 1900 Central Daylight Time (0000Z August 8th).

PRESENTER: ABS Air Safety Foundation Executive Director Thomas P. Turner

About this Presentation

You don't want the first time you practice an emergency procedure to be when it's happening to you "for real" in flight. We all need to practice emergency procedures regularly, but how can you do so safely? In this webinar we'll cover the presentation and practice of Beechcraft emergency procedures so you'll be ready if the time comes.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • Simulating engine failures and engine-out glides
  • Inflight fires, emergency descents, and other bad days 
  • BPPP flight syllabus emergencies and how to fly them safely
  • What we won't do on a BPPP flight, and why

Viewers will be able to type in their questions to be answered during the event. We’ll explain how to do so at the beginning of the webinar.

Although this American Bonanza Society program is oriented toward pilots and maintainers of Beech Bonanzas, Debonairs, Barons and Travel Airs, the discussion, techniques and procedures described are valuable to the pilot of any airplane.


To participate log a few minutes before the program begins. PRE-REGISTRATION IS NOT REQUIRED. The program will be archived at under TRAINING and then ABSWeb Webinars if you cannot view it live or you wish to review the program later.  

Earn FAA WINGS and AMT WINGS credit by completing a short quiz on after the program. We’ll tell you how to find the quiz during the webinar. Send a copy of your WINGS completion certificate to for 20 points in the ABS AVIATOR program.