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Emergency exit window hinge replacement

April 1, 2024
One of my emergency exit windows has several “lobes” cracked/broken on the piano hinge. Is the Textron part a standard MS-series part or is it proprietary? I need two halves, and they have one in stock for $70 each half. The similar (same?) MS part is about $20 for a three-foot section. The price in this case doesn’t worry me, the availability (of the Textron Aviation part) does. They are the “formed” hinges. Could an extruded hinge be substituted? The part number is 002-430008-169 for fuselage half, and 002-430053-15 for the window half. They appear to be standard aluminum hinges, possibly one side has a wider flange than the other. Other than removing the headliner, any surprises in replacing it?