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October 1, 2021
As President Greg Stratz wrote, the ABS and ABS Air Safety Foundation Boards of Directors held their annual live meeting in Wichita the last weekend of August. The Board holds video calls three or four times a year to conduct Society and Foundation business (as two separate corporations, there are two Boards and separate Board meetings, although the boards consist of the same nine members). The live meeting, however, fosters a much better working relationship among Board members and ABS staff that improves its work throughout the year. Further, a live discussion is a much better venue for long-range strategic planning issues, and our board(s) took full advantage of this opportunity. Without delving too deeply into new initiatives that are being fleshed out as you read this, I’ll at least hint now at expanded BPPP options for transitioning pilots and a heightened ABS/ASF commitment to promoting a solution to the lack of ruddervator skin materials. Watch the ABS Flyer email blasts every two weeks,, and future issues of ABS Magazine for exciting updates as they are announced.