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What's in Your Hangar

March 1, 2017

About a decade ago, ABS Magazine ran a monthly feature called “What Else is in Your Hangar?” We invited ABS members to send us pictures and descriptions of the “toys” they kept in their aeronautical storage space alongside their Beech aircraft. Most ABS members have a passion not only for Beechcraft, but for other things as well – usually other modes of transportation. We had good member response with photos and pictures of cars, boats, jet skis, and other vehicles. You can see them in the online ABS Magazine archives at A lot of members back then sent pictures of a second airplane, perhaps an experimental they were building or had built, or one that did something their Bonanza or Baron didn’t do, such as low-and-slow flying, honing skills like tailwheel flying or aerobatics, or serving as a simple trainer for their kids or grandkids.