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ABS Mission

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The American Bonanza Society serves Beechcraft enthusiasts by sharing valuable safety, technical and educational resources, and by promoting interaction among and advocacy on behalf of its members.

ABS is the premier association for Bonanza, Baron, Debonair, and Travel Air enthusiasts, with 10,000+ members who own, fly, or have a sincere interest in these Beechcraft models.

Because of this common interest, we have banded together to share information and experiences involving the operation and maintenance of Beech-produced aircraft.

Member benefits include:

  • Monthly ABS Magazine - Flying information, ownership, maintenance, technical advice, general aviation news, Beech of the Month, events, regional news, classified ads, display advertising and much more

  • Technical Advice and Parts Sourcing

    • Reach ABS Technical Advisors by phone 5 days a week or search your question online.

  • Beech Specific Pilot Training

      • The Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency program offers:The Beechcraft Essential Systems and Techniques Course (“BEST”) - If this is your first BPPP experience, or you want to refresh and expand your knowledge of your airplane’s systems and how you use them in normal, abnormal and emergency situations, then this is the course for you. The BEST course highlights the essentials—the systems knowledge and pilot skills most important to mastering your Beechcraft. 25 learning modules, averaging 13 minutes each, allow you to view focused topics quickly across the entire range of fixed and mobile online platforms. Information comes from the Beech Pilot’s Operating Handbook, from other manufacturers and experts, and from ABS’ nearly four decades of experience providing type-specific training in Beech piston airplanes.
      • The ABS Flight Instructor Academy - teaches the techniques and procedures developed by ABS’ contracted instructors in over three decades of teaching in Beech aircraft. 

      • The ABS Maintenance Academy online presentation covers select topics from the live ABS Maintenance Academy. Designed and taught by ABS technical advisor and Service Clinic inspector Bob Ripley, and co-taught by ABS technical advisor Curtis Boulware, the live Academy combines classroom and hands-on training to teach certificated mechanics about common Beechcraft squawks found in ABS Air Safety Foundation Service Clinics.

  • Most comprehensive online searchable library of all Beechcraft Technical Information

  • Aircraft Inspection Program

    • An ABS Beechcraft Maintenance Evaluation (BME) is a thorough visual inspection, from tip to tail, of yoour personal aircraft by our Beechcraft Maintenance Evaluators.

  • Convention & ABS Fly-Ins

    • Join ABS at one of our Convention or Fly-In's across the country. Enjoy the comradery of other ABS Members and fellow pilots from all over the world while gaining valuable information at any of our educational seminars!

  • Mechanic & Flight Instructor Training

    • As a member, you have unlimited access to our online Flight Instructor and Mechanic courses.

  • Regional Societies

    • Dive into a group of Beechcraft enthusiasts near you, by joining a Regional Society!

  • Aircraft Insurance Program

  • Professionally Staffed Headquarters