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Pilot Training


Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program (BPPP)

BPPP Initial and Recurrent classes are FREE to members of the American Bonanza Society.  

Click here to go to the ABS Online Learning Center

ABS members and Life Members are enrolled FREE in BPPP online courses.  If you are logged in to as an ABS member you will be automatically logged in to BPPP Online when you go to the Training Center.  If you are not logged in to ABS you will be taken to the ABS login page when you attempt to log in on the BPPP page.  If you are not a member of ABS you will be taken to the ABS membership Join Here page.  Complimentary Temporary Members must convert to paid membership to participate in BPPP.

Your Options:

The Beechcraft Systems, Procedures and Techniques Course (“BPPP Initial”)

If this is your first BPPP experience, or you want to refresh and expand your knowledge of your airplane’s systems and how you use them in normal, abnormal and emergency situations, then this is the course for you.  You’ll go through your airplane system-by-system, learning techniques and tricks for getting the most out of your Beechcraft as well as operating it in a manner that promotes airframe and engine longevity.  The Beechcraft Systems, Procedures and Techniques Course consists of 13 modules you may take at your own pace, even stopping and returning in mid-module.  A short quiz at the end of each module highlights the most important points of the program, and is correctable to 100%. Two of the programs—Fuel System and Engine Failures—have separate Bonanza/Debonair and Baron/Travel Air versions, and you need only take those that apply to you.  Here's a more detailed description of the courses in this program.     

The Beechcraft Pilot Skills Enhancement Course (“BPPP Recurrent”)

Expand on what you’ve learned in BPPP with the Beechcraft Skills Enhancement Course.  In five online courses you’ll learn advanced techniques for Beechcraft emergency procedures, take a completely fresh look at stalls and angle of attack, review Special Use Airspace, learn tips for using Electronic Flight Bags, and (optional but recommended for Baron and Travel Air pilots) cover critical decision-making for engine failures after you’ve feathered the propeller.  A short quiz at the end of each module highlights the most important points of the program, and is correctable to 100%.  Here’s a more detailed description of the courses in this program. 

Add Flight Instruction

Add approximately four hours of Beech-expert flight instruction near your home, on your schedule.  You’ll be a safer and more accomplished Beechcraft pilot, and may earn a substantial discount on your aircraft insurance premium (ask your insurance agent or broker).  If you qualify, you’ll earn a Flight Review and/or an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) endorsement.

To fly with the expert instructors of BPPP:

  1. Complete the 11-course BPPP Initial online training (if this is your first BPPP experience), or if you’ve flown with BPPP before, complete at least five of the BPPP Recurrent online courses.

  2. Go to the BPPP Training Center.

  3. Select the ALL COURSES option in the upper left corner
  4. Select Add Flight Instruction.

  5. Click on Open Course (the red button), pay the $450 flight instruction tuition, and complete the short “Time to Fly” program.

  6. Contact a BPPP instructor in the area you wish to fly to schedule your BPPP flight. 

Since 1983 the American Bonanza Society's Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program has been the industry leader in type-specific pilot education.  BPPP instruction consists of online learning done at your own pace, followed by approximately four hours of flight instruction in your Beechcraft conducted by an expert, BPPP-standardized flight instructor you schedule at your convenience near your home or desired training location.

ABS's goal with the not-for-profit BPPP program is simple: to protect lives and preserve the Beechcraft fleet, by significantly increasing the number of ABS members who receive The Best in Beechcraft Pilot Training™.