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Flight Instructor Training

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The ABS Flight Instructor Academy is FREE to members of the American Bonanza Society.  

"How to Teach Beech"

  • Are you an experienced flight instructor wanting to become even better at teaching in Beechcraft Bonanzas, Debonairs, Barons and Travel Airs? 

  • Do you want to learn how to safely and effectively teach in Beech airplanes, but don't yet have experience in type?  

  • Do you want to increase your business as a full- or part-time flight instructor?  

Then the ABS Flight Instructor Academy is for you.

The ABS Flight Instructor Academy teaches certificated flight instructors the techniques and procedures developed by ABS’ contracted instructors in over three decades of teaching in Beech aircraft.  The Academy serves three purposes:

  1. Educating and standardizing experienced Beechcraft instructors, to acquaint CFIs with the many variations of ABS-type airplane systems and operation, and increase the training options available to ABS members; and
  2. Educating and standardizing certificated flight instructors who do not yet have significant type-specific experience, to improve the safety and quality of the Beechcraft instruction they provide and support developing the next generation of expert instructors

Here is a description of the courses included in the ABS Flight Instructor Academy.

ABS' goal with the ABS Flight Instructor Academy is to ensure that Beech pilots everywhere have convenient access to safe, informed and effective type-specific training.  This is a major effort in support of the mission of the ABS Air Safety Foundation, "to protect lives and preserve the Beechcraft fleet."

What You Get

Complete the entire ABS Flight Instructor Academy online course and your name, business name (as applicable), location and contact information will be listed on the ABS website.  Current and prospective ABS members will be able to see this referral list when looking for an instructor for transition and recurrent training, flight reviews and instrument proficiency checks.