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Perhaps the best known products of ASF are the Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program (BPPP), since 1983 the premier type-specific training program for pilots of piston aircraft, and the ABS Beechcraft Maintenance Evaluations (formerly; Service Clinics), for over 40 years the industry’s only regular, nationwide schedule of type-specific airplane inspection events.

In recent years ASF has taken on the challenge of passing along what we’ve learned to the next generation of experts. In 2012 ASF unveiled the ABS Maintenance Academy to teach Beech-specific inspection, maintenance and repair techniques to certificated mechanics, and the ABS Flight Instructor Academy, teaching experienced flight instructors “how to teach Beech” so that no matter where an ABS member seeks training in a Beech Bonanza, Debonair, Baron, or Travel Air, their instructor has access to the Beechcraft-specific techniques and procedures ABS has learned in over 30 years of presenting BPPP.

 Other ASF products and services include: 

  • ABS Maintenance, Inspection and Repair Guides that supplement the manufacturers’ manuals with information from ASF’s extensive Service Clinic experience.
  • The ABS/BPPP Guides to Initial Pilot Checkout that add more transition-training detail to BPPP educational programs.
  • Numerous books such as Norm Colvin’s Colvin’s Clinic, Lew Gage’s E-Series Bonanzas, video presentations on inspecting, maintaining and flying ABS-type airplanes, and technical documents including the V-Tail Fact Sheets that expand on issues of owning, flying and maintaining Beech airplanes.
  • The ABSWeb Webinar Series, with tips from the Beech experts and the latest from ABS Headquarters in Wichita, Kansas.
  • A Pre-Purchase Survey inspection checklist to help members evaluate candidate airplanes before they buy.
  • BPPP LIVE seminars at Regional Society gatherings and major aviation events like Oshkosh and Sun n Fun.
  • The ABS AVIATOR Beech pilot continuing education program.

All these and more are possible only with your tax-deductible donations to the ABS Air Safety Foundation. 

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