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Tips for Buying a Beechcraft

ABS Ambassador Program - Test fly a Beechcraft

One of the greatest benefits of this organization is a shared passion for aviation and the Beechcraft brand. Our Ambassadors are mentors, owners, and friends who want to share the many benefits of ownership with you. The members listed below are offering to help enhance your experience as you search for your perfect aircraft by way of offering insightful phone conversations, possible meet-ups, and even the potential for test flights.  

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Buying a Beechcraft: Cost Evaluator

October 2013 ABS Magazine article by Henri Florentini: the expanded, unedited version

Henri's airplane cost evaluator spreadsheet (Excel download with his permission for your use)

Prepurchase inspections

Use the combined experience of the ABS Technical Advisors to help find the airplane that's right for you. The ABS Prepurchase Survey Checklist gives you and your mechanic a checklist to review aircraft paperwork, conduct a prepurchase inspection, and take an evaluation flight of what may soon be your own Beech airplane.

Know what you're buying with the ABS Prepurchase Survey Checklist.

Here a list of prepurchase inspection facilities reported by ABS members.  ABS does not specifically endorse any of these facilities.

Common Maintenance Discrepancies by Model

In 2014 ABS Air Safety Foundation completed a review of eight years of ABS Beechcraft Maintenance Evaluation (formerly; Service Clinic) data sheets to generate a review of fleet squawks as a whole. The result identifies the squawks that appeared on 50% or more of specific airplane models. Remember, this data comes only from those airplanes that were inspected by the program; the true nature of the fleet may be different. The result was published in ABS Magazine; you may read the results here.

Checking out in your Beechcraft

The American Bonanza Society Air Safety Foundation highly encourages pilots receiving initial checkout work with a flight instructor knowledgeable about the specific make and model. Resources include the Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program (BPPP), a wholly owned subsidiary of the ABS Air Safety Foundation, and individual BPPP instructors.

Frequently an airplane purchase does not coincide with a BPPP training date or location, or for any number of reasons a new owner/pilot is unable to schedule training with a Beech-knowledgeable instructor. For that event, we have created this training outline for pilots and their local instructors to address the most vital topics and operations during the critical initial checkout. This outline is not intended as a substitute for a thorough checkout by an instructor knowledgeable about the specific make and model and its current operations. This outline cannot address all topics, and the ABS-ASF and BPPP cannot be responsible for providing timely updates on information contained in this Guide. A necessary, thorough avionics checkout is outside the scope of this Guide because of the wide variety of avionics installed in individual aircraft.

ABS/BPPP Guide to Initial Pilot Checkout

Guides for other Beech variants are in development. Watch for announcements as new ABS/BPPP Guides to Initial Pilot Checkout become available.


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