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Mechanic Training

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ABS Maintenance Academy 

Imagine finding a local mechanic who knows the tips and tricks of the ABS Technical Advisors.  Imagine being able to provide this level of service to your Beechcraft customers in your own shop.  That's the purpose of the ABS Maintenance Academy: to train great mechanics how to maintain their customers' airplanes even better, and raise the overall level of maintenance of the piston Beechcraft fleet.

2024 Maintenance Academy Locations: 

The ABS Maintenance Academy, designed and taught by ABS technical advisor and Service Clinic inspector Bob Ripley, and co-taught by ABS technical advisor Curtis Boulware, combines classroom and hands-on training covering common Beechcraft squawks found in ABS Air Safety Foundation Beechcraft Maintenance Evaluation (formerly; Service Clinic).  It teaches participants how to conduct an ABS Beechcraft Maintenance Evaluation on their customers' airplanes, including common squawks and how to address them, and includes special emphasis on Beechcraft landing gear inspection, rigging and repair as presented in the ABS Landing Gear Maintenance Guide. 

ABS Maintenance Academy sessions are held two to three times each year in locations around the country.  Space in each two-day Academy session is extremely limited --20 students per course-- so every mechanic has time to personally train hands-on.  Practicing Beechcraft mechanics must apply for the limited slots. 

To be considered for an invitation to attend, an applicant must:

  • be a certificated Airframe mechanic, or international equivalent, with IA highly desirable

  • have at least five years verifiable experience maintaining piston general aviation aircraft

  • be employed full time in a fixed-based facility that regularly maintains piston airplanes

  • be, or become, a member of the American Bonanza Society

For more information contact Shela at 316-945-1700 or by emailing

Maintenance Academy Instructors: Curtis Boulware and Bob Ripley
Tech Advisors

ABS Air Safety Foundation: To Protect Lives and Preserve the Beechcraft Fleet.

Maintenance Academy Graduates

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