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Life Membership

ABS Life Membership  

Whether you have been a member for twenty years or two years, a Life Membership is a convenient way to continue your relationship with ABS for a lifetime, without the hassle of annual renewals. You can help ABS achieve its goals – and at the same time, you’ll be helping yourself. ABS has over 56 years of service to Beechcraft owners and enthusiasts. This is just one way you can give back to ensure that future members can enjoy the same benefits you have for a long time to come. ABS started with 465 Life Members back in 2012 and since that time we have more than doubled our Life Members because of the overwhelming support from our membership. We ask that you consider becoming one of our newest Life Members and join over 1,343 who have made the commitment.

Your Life Membership Benefits You!

  • Monthly ABS magazine - for the rest of your life
  • Life Membership Certificate with ABS logo for your home or office
  • Embroidered golf shirt, hat and with special life membership recognition design
  • Your name will be published in the Magazine
  • Never having the hassle of renewing your membership again – saving you time and the ABS money
  • Join over 1,300 members who have made a lifetime commitment to ABS


Your Life Membership Benefits the Work of ABS!

  • Supporting aging aircraft
  • Continuing to deliver a first class 80-page monthly magazine
  • Delivering BPPP pilot training clinics and new online courses
  • Conducting expert Beechcraft Maintenance Evaluations of your Beech airplane
  • Maintaining a world class staff of Beechcraft technical experts to research and offer the definitive answers to your questions
  • First class website with 56 years of searchable magazines, technical content, maintenance documents, member forum and much more
  • Continue to educate and develop new and existing BPPP instructors across the world
  • Giving back to the Society so that we can carry out the mission and preserve our Type Club for a long time


How Does it Work?

  • Take advantage of this special offer of $1,500
  • You have the option of paying a single onetime payment or in two installments during the year. Example: $750 payment in May and $750 in October (needs to be before the end of the calendar year)
  • Take advantage of our special offer. $10 off for every year you have been an ABS member- Up to $200 off. Example: $1,500- ABS member for 21 years =$200 savings. Total Life Membership cost with discount is $1,300


If you need more information, contact us at (316) 945-1700 or

Office hours are 8:30 to 5:00pm US Central time Monday-Friday


Make payments payable to the ABS 3595 N Webb Rd Suite 200 Wichita, KS 67226     


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