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Beechcraft Maintenance Evaluation

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The Beechcraft Maintenance Evaluation (formerly; Service Clinic) was established in 1977. It was created to provide members of ABS an opportunity to have their airplanes inspected by the foremost experts in the aviation community. In a sense, the Beechcraft Maintenance Evaluation (BME) have replaced the Beech Field Service Clinics which were discontinued many years ago.

The objective is to detect any service problems that may be left over after a periodic inspection in a service shop, or to validate that the inspection report the airplane received from the shop was accurate and complete. The basic concept is to offer a highly structured visual inspection of the airplane. The Beechcraft Maintenance Evaluation is, in effect, a "second opinion" service conducted by recognized Beechcraft experts.


BME's are scheduled at a local FBO over a 4 day period, beginning Thursday at 7:30 am and ending on Sunday at 5:00 pm.

You can purchase your 1.5 hour timeslot appointment by registering online. View all upcoming events at the link below.

Attendees will receive an overall evaluation of the aircraft's condition plus a report of any discrepancies noted. The evaluator will walk with the attendee from tip to tail around the aircraft to review the airframe and landing gear. Members will also receive a comprehensive engine evaluation which includes: a borescope inspection, compression test, and an overall engine health report.

At the completion, attendees will receive an instant digital report of all discrepencies and suggestions made during the evaluation. The emailed report will also include detailed pictures of refrenced areas.

Price for the ABS/ASF BME's is $475 regardless of model. The schedule for upcoming BME is published at the link above, and is also available in the monthly ABS Magazine.

Turbine-conversion ABS-type airplanes may be accepted for evaluation at the Beechcraft Maintenance Evaluation (formerly; Service Clinic). The Evaluator will inspect unmodified parts of the airframe. The engine compartment(s) of turbine-modified airplanes will not be inspected. Owners should note that the modification and additional power of turbine conversions may create stresses and potential issues for those airframes that our inspectors are not aware of and may not detect. The ABS Evaluator has the final say whether a specific turbine-conversion airplane will be accepted for inspection.

For more information, contact ABS at (316) 945-1700 or

View the BME schedule

BME Appointment Cancellation Policy