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American Bonanza Society Magazine

A Part of the Family 1972 A36 N1694W (E-363)

Jim Klauber, Boonsboro, Maryland

After getting my Private pilot’s license and allowing it to lay dormant for nearly 20 years, I decided to return to flying in my early 40s. A large part in my return was played by a flying mentor and friend, Michael Boyd. Michael and I worked together and flew a good bit in his Rockwell Commander. One day he called me and said, “Come out to the airport, there is a plane that you need to buy.” A local funeral director was selling his fixed-gear Cessna Cardinal to buy an A36, and he was selling it for a song. I bit, and bit hard! A Cardinal is a great starter plane. My two sons were small, it was cheap to fly, we flew it everywhere, and it was ideal to work on my instrument rating.