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American Bonanza Society Magazine

A Turbine Odyssey 2003 A36 Bonanza N318J (E-3526)

Ron Hyde, Kenedy, Texas

It all started on a warm July day in 2011. My wife and I had just departed from Springfield, Missouri (KSGF), in our G36. After filling the wing and tip tanks, the hot day took its toll on the normally aspirated IO-550’s climb to 11,000 feet on our annual trek to Oshkosh. After takeoff, I set the GFC700 autopilot to “Flight Level Change” to maintain 120 knots in climb. Approximately 45 minutes later we leveled off. The long, bumpy climb on that muggy day started turning my mind’s wheels toward turbochargers and turbines. I love the numerous amenities of the G36, but there had to be a better powerplant for those hot and heavy days (which are many in the South).