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American Bonanza Society Magazine

Family Birdie 1977 A36 N17571 (E-983)

Michael Terebessy, Goleta, California

My first airplane ride was in Alaska when I was about five. The pilot landed the Cessna 185 with my father, his buddy, and me on a rocky sandbar somewhere on the Kenai Peninsula. Fast-forward 25 years and I am commuting from San Diego to Santa Barbara weekly, consulting for long-time clients. Stuck in soul-crushing northbound I-405 traffic on a Friday afternoon, a Cessna passed overhead on short final. I thought, “I need to buy a plane.” My wife wasn’t convinced and told me I needed my pilot’s certificate before I bought anything. Fast-forward to 2011, two kids later, an impending corporate restructuring, and a major surgery on the horizon for my second daughter; a co-worker convinced me to pursue my ticket. What better time to get my pilot certificate, right?