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Online Learning Center - CLOSED

The ABS Online Learning Center is currently CLOSED FOR UPGRADES!

We are currently in the process of upgrading the ABS Online Learning Center platform. Our intentions with the transition to this new platform are to be able to (1) enhance the user experience and (2) provide a more well-rounded program from start to finish. Because of this transition, we have some important things you need to be aware of in the coming weeks:

  • We will be temporarily shutting down the ABS Online Learning Center until MARCH 10, 2021.
  • We will not be able to transfer over any open/in-progress course work into the new system.
  • Current students with any work in progress need to complete their full courses by January 18th.
  • We will be re-flowing and reformatting the entire ABS Online Learning Center with new, enhanced content along with the new interface, which is why open courses or credits cannot be transferred.

Thank you for your patience with us during this exciting and necessary transition!

If you need to pay for your BPPP Flight while the OLC is closed, please email or call the ABS Office at 316-945-1700.








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