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Manuel Maciel Aviation Research Prize

The American Bonanza Society Air Safety Foundation Announces Two Cash Prizes to Support the Longevity of Beech Model 35 (V-Tail) Bonanzas.

The ABS Air Safety Foundation Manuel Maciel Aviation Research Prize is held to spur research and certification of alternatives to current ruddervator skinning techniques. This supports the Foundation’s mission to protect lives and preserve the Beechcraft fleet, using funds donated to ABS/ASF for the specific purpose of aviation safety research. Maximum combined prize payout is $200,000.

This award competition is in addition to ABS/ASF's continued efforts to resolve the ruddervator skin availability issue with Textron Aviation, not a replacement for those ongoing efforts.

ABS will be announcing this award competition across all aviation media and by direct contact with aviation engineering colleges and universities and private firms likely to have interest in pursuing either or both prizes. We encourage ABS members to distribute the attached announcement to qualified organizations, firms and individuals as well.

For full details see the announcement here.