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For BPPP Instructors

BPPP Instructors Page  

Verification of Approval to Fly  

BPPP Scheduling Contact Checklist: Voluntary guidance for covering details with the pilot when scheduling a BPPP flight  

BPPP Flight Instruction Checklist  

BPPP Flight Training Record  

Requirements before flight: Includes pilot's insurance information

Hold Harmless agreement: Must be signed and dated on the date of flight

Pilot-in-Command policy statement: Must be signed and dated on the date of flight

BPPP Single-Engine Speed Sheet: Completed by the pilot prior to BPPP flight (note: Multiengine Speed Sheet is in development)

BPPP Flight Review and IPC logbook endorsement stickers: For BPPP use only, formatted for Avery 5163 labels. Add your name and CFI certificate information before printing.

BPPP instructors contact list: Used by members when scheduling a flight  

Additional Resources

BPPP Instructor Standardization Manual Rev 8 (December 2012)

ABS Flight Instructors Maneuvers Profiles

BPPP Instructor Accrediation Renewal Experience Form

ABS/BPPP Guides to Initial Pilot Checkout.  Guidance for instructors and pilots, highlighting the differences between models of Beech piston airplanes.

Direct Deposit Form


Last Updated: December 7, 2017